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About Us

About Us

Isaiah House’s Youths Empowered to Succeed (YES) project was funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services—BASIC Centers grant, to help reduce the number of homeless youths surviving on the streets in Essex County, and to help increase the number of runaway and homeless youths receiving much-needed services to help them reunite with their families; and/or help them stabilize their personal situation by providing shelter, primary health and mental health care; access to education, job training and job placement, for those who cannot be reunited with their families.
The YES project is partnered with Helms Medical Services, LLC (East Orange—Primary/Mental Health care), Essex County RAIN Foundation (East Orange—Shelter for LGBTQ youths), and EYES INC. (External Evaluations); and it is only one of two projects funded in the State of New Jersey in 2017 to provide supportive services to runaway and homeless youths. The successful proposal was developed and written by the professional funding team of EYES INC (eyesinc.org).
Isaiah House has been a community fixture in Essex County since 1988. Our mission is to reduce the prevalence of homelessness, hunger and unemployment throughout Essex County and more specifically, within the Oranges and Newark. And in October 2017, Isaiah House was granted the opportunity to expand its outreach efforts to target more homeless youths throughout Essex County.

To learn more…make a referral, or register for YES, please visit the YES project website at yes911.org, or call 908. 2 YES 911 (908.293.7911). YES also can be reached on FB, InstaGram, and Twitter under the handle YES911.

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